Creating a necessary platform for an enduring presence and constant availability with high quality on the internet needs highly investing in finance and human resources. Thus, it is not economically justifiable for companies in need of these types of services.

Respina provides colocation services to companies and businesses in order to solve this problem and prevent the exit of unnecessary traffic from the country. Providing equipped space with an advanced security system to the organizations and companies enables them to keep their servers and equipment at low cost without the need to support and maintain them.

Stability guarantee

We guarantee the 24/7 access of customers to the server by connecting on two 10 Gb ports to the country’s data centers at the telecommunication infrastructure via fiber optics.

Advanced monitoring system

Providing a panel to monitor and check subscribers’ usage

Full Security

Providing a secure place to maintenance customers’ equipment using CCTV and 24/7 identity control

24/7 Support

24/7 Security services, even on holidays by Respina operational expert team

Reduce Costs

Reducing the cost of setting up, managing, protecting servers and equipment, and also deploying specialists

Permanent Electricity

Providing uninterruptible electricity using three separate sources (city electricity, generator, and UPS)

What is the right organization for this service?

Colocation service is the best choice for online businesses, News agencies, Ministries, and all the organizations with the need of 24/7 presence on the Internet or Intranet looking for a secure and affordable solution. This service allows organizations to outsource maintaining and supporting their servers and focus more on their main goals.

Why is Respina's Colocation Service the Best Choice for businesses?

Our colocation service is located in an area equipped with advanced security facilities, air conditioning, humidity control systems, servers dedicated space, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and all essentials to ensure the customers with sufficiency and security.

Best organizations in more than 60 industries have trusted Respina. incrediblyrespecially

More than 86 organizations are using Respina colocation service.