Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet Service

Today, fast and reliable internet access is one of the essential requirements of any business. Shared Internet, on the other hand, with its limitations has little use for organizations and in many cases makes problems. Respina’s dedicated bandwidth (Enterprise Internet) enables companies and organizations to have access to high speed, low latency, and high-quality internet. This service is completely dedicated and guaranteed quality throughout the day. Respina dedicated bandwidth is a business-to-business connection to the Internet and helps companies and organizations benefit from better and more secure facilities for sending and receiving information than their competitors.

Respina’s dedicated internet service is available to subscribers on the radio, fiber optic, as well as VPLS of telecommunication infrastructure company platforms. Respina with more than 460 pop-sites and a new approach for setting up the services, offers dedicated internet access to various private and public organizations and it’s ready to provide bandwidth from even low capacity to several STM1.


The highest number of BGP PEERS compared to other ISPs

Extreme Coverage

Extreme network coverage co-efficiency including more than 460 POP sites in the country

No Limitations

No speed and download size limitations and offering Symmetrical/asymmetrical bandwidth

Free Installation

Feasibility, installing, and ‌lending equipment for free

Service Stability

Guaranteed uptime services with stability of 99.5% to 99.9%

24/7 Services Support

Applying advanced monitoring systems from NOC

A Special Solution for Startups

Considering the special situation of startups, Respina provides unlimited stable broadband with the lowest price and time.

A Special Solution for SMEs

Respina’s dedicated bandwidth with its fast, stable and unlimited services is the best choice for small to medium businesses which are growing.

A Special Solution for Sizeable Organizations

Respina’s dedicated bandwidth without shared internet limitations is the best choice for big organizations due to its fast speed and unlimited download size.

A Special Solution for Governmental Institutions

By using dedicated internet services in Respina, high-speed and stable communication will be provided in governmental institutions, therefore permanent and reliable access to governmental services would be possible for people.

A Special Solution for Counterparts

More than 30 Fixed and mobile communication companies are currently using Respina’s dedicated bandwidth. Companies are choosing this service because of its low cost and stability.

پهنای باند اختصاصی رسپینا

Pre-Sale Customer Service

  • Free consultation and feasibility
  • Proposing various plans according to the customer needs
  • Providing scheduled plans for service delivery and installation
  • Layering the sales staff on the three-layer model for presentation, consultation during the purchasing process
  • Free feasibility checking to ensure the best quality services

پشتیبانی رسپینا

After Sales Customer Service

  • Layering operation center staff based on a three-layer model for protection and support for subscriber rights
  • Monitoring and control services Providing 24/7 supporting systems
  • Providing security for data and information
  • Permanent monitoring system
  • Provide in-person support services for free
  • DDoS Attack Detection Services on Respina bandwidth and detecting Victim IP in less than 30 seconds

POP Site

Best organizations in more than 60 industries have trusted Respina incrediblyrespecially

More than 5000 organizations and 30 communication service provider companies are using Respina bandwidth.