Internet Service Tariffs for Towers

Internet Services Tariffs for Towers and Complexes

  • Domestic traffic prices are calculated as half-price (half the tariff of international internet traffic). Internal Traffic means any internal hosted traffic. Their names are listed here.
  • Internal Traffic Price Internal messengers including Bale, Bisfoon, Gap, Igap, Lensor, and Soroush are calculated at one third (one-third of the international internet traffic tariff).
  • Fair Usage Policy means the maximum amount of traffic permitted during a period (receiving and sending traffic).
  • After reaching the fair use threshold, the service speed will be legally altered as 266 enactments in the Radio and Telecommunications Regulations Act, and customers may return to their original service speed by purchasing the desired traffic volume.
  • All tariffs are in accordance with 266 enactments of the Radio and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. In which case, domestic fair traffic will be charged at the rate of one second of international traffic. For example, if the subscriber-only uses internal traffic he has used 800 Gbps traffic, and if using purely international traffic, would be the 40 Gbps shared ceiling. If combined, it will be calculated according to the same method.
  • In all services, the FUP (Fair Usage Threshold) is assigned to subscribers all at once, and consumption management is based on customers’ needs during this period.
  • Transferring additional volume packages is possible from one month to the next.
  • If you purchase these services in three, six, and twelve-month periods, you will receive a 3%, 7%, and 12% discount, respectively.
  • The cost of installation in person is 12000 Tomans.
  • The cost of setting up lines is 7000 Tomans and Removing lines cost is 5000 Tomans.
  • 2% VAT will be added to the cost mentioned above.