Internet for Towers and Complexes

High Speed Internet for Towers and Complexes

After years of successfully providing dedicated bandwidth internet for our customers with its all marvelous features and benefits, we have decided to grow our services for more public usage. We started to offer high-speed internet for towers, residential, commercial, and office complexes. Many residents of the tower don’t have access to the dedicated internet and equipment necessary for ADSL services.

All the residents can enjoy high-speed and high-quality internet without getting involved in administrative regulations or waiting to achieve available ports of telecommunication centers for a long time. This service is considered to be the most effective solution for towers and complexes with fiber optic telephone lines structure because other common ways of having high-speed internet are not possible for them.


Highest Quality

Achieving the highest quality of service because of shortening of communication routes

Customizing Services

Customizing speed and size of the service and managing it for each user

48 Hours Delivery

The ability to deliver the service in less than 48 hours without going through the administrative stages of telecommunication centers

Highest Speed

High-speed internet service compared to the limited speed and quality of ADSL services offered by telecommunication centers

Free Deployment

Free equipment deployment in the complex or tower location

24/7 Support

24/7 technical support on all days of the year

اینترنت ویژه برج ها و مجتمع ها

Service Installation Steps:

  •  Sending a service request through our website or contacting the sales department
  •  Performing initial inspection by our specialists to attain the necessary information
  •  Accomplishing feasibility survey by our technical team
  • Reaching a final agreement with complex management and signing the service contract
  •  Installing the required equipment and delivering the service.

For more information or a free consultation, please fill the form below or contact our sales team: 021-91070000 (250 or 471).