Respina at a Glance

Respina Provides Communication Solutions for
  • Private Organizations
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Startups
  • Small and Medium Size Company

Introducing Respina

Respina Networks and Beyond was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing internet and computer network services. With regards to the expansion of nation-wide activities, due to the FCP License achievement, Respina has been offering its service for the whole country since 2015.

Respina is proud of providing communication solutions and internet services for more than 5000 organizations and more than 40 fixed network operator companies. The rich experiences of Respina over the past years and its massive human capital (over 700 direct and indirect personnel) have led to the company’s profound understanding of the needs of various small and large private and public industries and businesses.

Respina provides multiple solutions such as dedicated bandwidth, fixed business phone service (Nexfon), Data Center Colocation, and high-speed internet for towers and complexes.

Our mission is to develop a qualitative and qualitative development of fixed communication services with creative and distinctive solutions.

Achieving the position of one of the top three operators and most advanced provider of fixed communication providers in the country.

The spirit of teamwork, diligence, mobility, empathy & innovation

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خط مشی کیفیت رسپینا

Respina Quality Policy

Respina is committed to developing the quality and quantity of the Information Technology field to gain its vision in 2025 and fulfill customers’ needs. To achieve this goal, Respina management is based on ISO10004:2012, ISO10002:2014, and ISO9001:2015 standards and the following principles are at the heart of its work:

  • Developing the quality of human resources as the main organization resource by using maintenance mechanism, increasing the knowledge of employees, and creating a healthy proper workplace
  • Continuous improvement of organization processes to increase the satisfaction of Stakeholders
  • Market development by designing and implementing optimal and creative services and applying new technologies
  • Increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of customers by providing services in the best quality
  • Responding to customer complaints fairly and impartially and handling as soon as possible
  • Promoting Respina brand value as a leading role model for bandwidth providers
  • Commitment to compliance with laws, national and regulatory requirements appropriate to the organization’s activities and services

In order to advance the goals of the organization, all the processes, structures, and financial resources of the organization are implemented in a unified and controllable manner, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information, in order to achieve the desired results and play a significant role in promoting the IT industry in our country.